A restaurant in Sapporo, Japan is charging their patrons extra if they don't finish every last drop of food on their plate, down to the final grain of rice.

On the menu, it states that customers who order the signature dish -- a bowl of rice with salmon roe -- are subject to pay extra if they don't finish it. And it would seem their customers agree with the rule 100 percent!

Evidently, the working conditions for the fish farmers are dangerous and can even be deadly, so eating the food they worked so hard to put on your plate is considered not only a waste, but an insult to their profession.

And believe it or not, people seem to admire this 'clean your plate' rule. In fact, restaurant goers like it so much that business is booming, allowing the owner to open another one.

No word on the size of the fine, but it is apparently rare that someone doesn't actually finish. One customer said he was initially nervous about ordering food that came with strings attached, but the waitress assured him that "hardly anyone leaves their meal unfinished."

Of course, not. You'd hate to show disrespect...no matter how it tastes.