Wow! That's about all I can say about the River Cities Triathlon Sunday in Benton, LA yesterday. I didn't compete but I went to cheer on some friends and the entire event, from start to finish, was truly impressive. It clearly took an army of volunteers to put the event on in addition to local law enforcement and the event organizers, Sportspectrum. 

It's amazing to me that anyone could swim a half mile, followed by an 18.2 mile bike ride then follow it up with a 5K. Yet, the participants did... a LOT did! Big congrats to everyone who raced Sunday and shout out to Michael Arishita who had the fastest time over all.. 1:10:30.2... That was Michael's time and that's incredible. Even though my hat is off to anyone who even attempted it. You never know, now that I've started running, it may not be that far fetched after all!