As we've talked about on the radio many, many times (but not too many for Erin), my IQ is 82. Now, according to the Terman Scale of IQ measurement, my 82 puts me in the 'dull' category, eight points below 'average' and a mere two up from 'imbecile'. Obviously, something needed to be done! Enter the website Lumosity.

On its' homepage Lumosity proclaims 'reclaim your brain'. It offers an easy, web based training program that promises to train your brain with real world benefits by enhancing memory, attention and creativity. And after about two weeks I must say, I'm starting to see its' benefits.

Lumosity puts you through a series of tests that are easy to understand and take, but quickly identify strengths and weaknesses. For me, the short term memory tests were quite simple, but in the parts requiring 60 seconds or more of intense attention, I was markedly less successful. I also discovered my ability with words and numbers is far superior to my spatial skills.

There are two sections to Lumosity, free testing and the paid membership area, and you do have to sign up with an email and password. But after about two weeks I am seeing a slight improvement in my weaker areas and the tests are quick and lots of fun. Who knows, with the aid of '', maybe on my next IQ test I'll zoom all the way up to average! After all, in my business, being dull can be a career killer.