Yes, it was 10years ago this Sunday, July 28, 2003, that Erin and I moved one whole studio down the hall from the morning show on K945 to take over the morning show duties on sister station 96.5 KVKI.

On Friday morning, we'll be celebrating our 'tin' anniversary with a bevy of special guests, stories and a stroll down memory lane with the best of the best audio from our archives.

In fact, we're still putting the show together, so if you have any favorite memories be sure to let us know by commenting on this post, leaving a request on the KVKI Facebook page, tweeting us or calling us during the show at 320-9696.

Here's an early look at what we have in store

Our very first KVKI guest, former Shreveport mayor Keith Hightower, who wished us well and just maybe took a little dig or two.

Hypnotist Ricky Kalmon, who hypnotized Erin into thinking she was legendary wrestler Dr. Death, while he (Dr. Death) was in the room!

Erin attempting to convince Olympic trainer Dr. Jason Maggio that she threw out her back from getting a pedicure.

And, of course, no anniversary show would be complete without replaying our interview with comedy icon Bill Cosby.

Those -- and much, much more -- are coming up Friday morning from 6 to 9.a.m. on Robert and Erin's special 10th anniversary show on 96.5 KVKI!