The email response from 'Jaxjunk' was concise: 'Your offer for the vintage Wilson Pete Runnels baseball glove is accepted. We will ship tomorrow.' So, to make a long story short, the baseball glove I found on eBay, the glove just like the first one my Dad ever bought for me when I was six years mine!

Friends, family, listeners force the issue

No need to review the entire story here, but I would like to say how much I appreciate the advice of my brothers, friends and listeners who, with near unanimity, told me I'd be crazy nor to buy it. In fact, I think the general feelings of all were summed up by loyal / listener Connie, who, when calling the show yesterday, said, 'Don't be an ultra-maroon! Pull the trigger!'

When the glove arrives...

So, here's the plan: The glove should be arriving next week. I open the package, get a baseball and have each of my two brothers throw me one pitch. Then, put the cherished piece of leather on display on my bookcase, never to be used again.

I think my Dad would love that. And my Mom would love that I got a really good deal.