How do you make a fried baloney sandwich? It's a southern delicacy and brings back so many memories for lots of folks. I was craving one the other day and decided I would make one. So I stopped at the grocery store and picked up fresh bread and baloney. Here's how I make mine:

Photo by Erin McCarty

Heat up a skillet and put a slice of baloney in the center. You will want to "score" the baloney by cutting an "X" in the center of it so it won't curl up. Flip the baloney and fry the other side. I wipe the baloney grease out of the pan and then put a small pat of butter in the pan. Put mayo on one slice of bread and mustard on the other slice. Put the baloney on the bread. Put the sandwich into the frying pan let one side toast and then flip it over to toast the other side (you might need to put more butter in the skillet before the flip). Take it out and eat immediately while it's hot. Robert tried his very first fried baloney sandwich today and loved it. He's now officially from the south!!