Most folks who've listened to Erin and me over the years have heard the story of my brother Hal winning big at the boats: $258,000 big! Well, now he's done it again, scoring a $100,000 car at a golf tournament in Dallas!

If you don't know the details, back in the late 90s, my brother Hal walked away with over a quarter of a million dollars playing Caribbean Stud Poker, hitting not just one, but two jackpots within barely two months. Two royal flushes: The first for $102,000 and the second, just 75 days later, for $156,000 more!

Well, now he's done it again. While playing in a member / guest golf tournament in Dallas, Hal made a hole in one at the par 3, 158 yard, thirteenth hole at Dallas National Country Club, winning a 2014 Nissan GTR with a sticker price of just over $110,000!

'I've gotta be the luckiest guy in the world!', Hal said earlier today from Dallas. And he continued, 'Oh, and tell everybody it's for sale!'