Rome is known for its rich history and high fashion. Sometimes those two DON'T go hand in hand. Have you ever tried to walk in high heels on a cobblestone street?

The mayor of Rome announced back in July that four of Rome's most well traveled cobblestone streets will be getting a facelift to prevent ladies wearing high heels from twisting their ankles.The repaving process will begin with one of Rome's most traveled road, Via del Corso, and then Via del Teatro Marcello, Via Petroselli, and Piazza Bocca della Verità, will receive the treatment later in 2012.

Now, it is not planned for the streets to be ripped up entirely. Some sections will have new, more even cobblestones and some sections will have asphalt.

Many bloggers and comments around the internet are outraged that these ancient streets will be ripped up simply to make it easier for women wearing high heels to walk on.

What are your thoughts? Is it superfluous for these historic streets to be redone simply to keep up with fashion?