Life’s Short…Have Fun!

Rowdy Adventures, the South’s Largest Zip Line Park offers miles of cable and 14 zip lines where guests can explore the beauty of nature from a truly unique view, zipping through the treetops or enjoy the scenery floating down the Little Missouri River in a canoe or kayak.
You can choose to soar through the treetops or float down the river or both! Whether you fly through the treetop canopy securely attached to cables with state of the art gear, known as zipping, or challenge yourself on the rock wall, you will have the experience of a lifetime!

Explore the South with Rowdy Adventures and capture the rich history that Copperhead Creek Preserve has to offer on hundreds of acres adjoining the beautiful Little Missouri River with the opportunity to learn interesting facts of this incredible nature trail. Enjoy a beautiful view of the century old “Old Iron Bridge” and the “Path to Broadway,” the old highway that was used to travel through the south before the development of the interstate system. Learn interesting facts about the trees in the South and see where a Civil war skirmish was fought!

Fly through the “Hole in the Sky,” the longest tree based zip line in the South while enjoying a breathtaking view of the Little Missouri River.
Experience Night Zipping at the only place that offers it in Arkansas (by reservation only on Saturday Evenings).

Founded: 2008

Led by: Rowdy Prince

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