In the little village of Swansea, South Wales - Santa Claus died.  The Mirror reports that for more than 50 years, this Santa passed out more than 4,500 gifts to under-privileged children in his area.  This incredible person refused to take credit for his amazingly good deeds, asking to be called by the moniker "Mr. X."

Former RAF communications worker Tom Bravin was a dedicated father of four, and every year during his secret mission he swore his family to secrecy.  Support from local businesses grew every year.  This allowed Santa (Tom) to further his mission and bring joy to even more children!  When the sleigh became too weighed down with donations, Tom rallyed other "Santas" to visit schools, hospitals and charities in the surrounding areas to spread the joy even further.

Tom's funeral was attended by the entire town in March of this year, but that hasn't stopped the giving.  The outpouring and support became a living entity that continues the mission that started over 50 years ago.  The generosity of this extraordinary man has inspired a legion of Santa-minded individuals that spread the spirit of Christmas Far and wide.