There is a con man on the lose in St. Louis and it seems that he has been heinously tricking women into giving him birthday hugs, when it is really isn't his birthday.

According to ABCNews, Missouri prosecutors are trying to decide whether to charge an alleged serial hugger who pretends to know women and cons them into giving him a hug. So far, at least 36 women have come forward to complain about unwanted hugs. Now this guy did cross the line on one of the embraces, when he kissed one lady on the lips.

Women in St. Louis, MO have been complaining about a man pretending to know them and giving them hugs. This is really at the low end of "bad behavior," but area women have been reporting him as "Jack the Gripper" to local police. The question that the police in Missouri are trying to figure out is if this constitutes a crime.

If prosecutors decide to pursue charges against the man, his identity will become public, and a warrant will be issued for his arrest.