Betcha never thought that the works of William Shakespeare would be coming to TV near you. Get ready, Johnny Depp and producer Tom Fontana ("Homicide: Life on the Streets) are teaming up to bring some culture to the boob-tube.

Johnny Depp's production company, Infinitum Nihil, and Fontana are working with Swedish company Yellow Bird Productions. In layman's terms, the people that made the original version of "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" and its sequels are heding up the the project, Deadline reports.

So how do you make Shakespeare exciting for TV without boring everyone to death? No one is quite clear on how the series will be written or how it will flow. So far it has been described as

"a modern take on the plays of The Bard, building on the existing characters and plots from several of his most notable plays."

And that could mean...almost anything, really. It sounds like could look like Leonardo DiCaprio's version of Romeo and Juliet, as in cars, modern day dress, etc. However, it could be a combination of characters and story lines, like Romeo and Hamlet teaming up to fight crime? Since it is in the creation stage, anything is possible.

What is cool is this will be Depp's first TV project, as a producer. Tom Fontana is currently executive producing "Copper," which he also co-created, for BBC America; his credits also include "Homicide," "The Philanthropist," "The Bedford Diaries" and "Oz." So no matter how the show ends up, it will be worth at least one view.