You could win a seat in the Shreveport Limousine with me on Wednesday, December 19 for a day of shopping at some of Shreveport's best specialty stores!

Six lucky KVKI VIP's will get to bring a friend and join us in the limo for this special day of shopping.

Here are the stores we are going to shop at: Lewis Gifts, Kings Hardware and Gifts, Enchanted Garden, Heart & Soul, Glenwood Tea Room, Red Door Interiors, Spotted Zebra, Avalon Hair Salon (where we'll get a free eyebrow wax). We will have lunch at Twine on Line Avenue.

Erin McCarty photo

We'll begin our day of shopping at 9 a.m. and wrap things up at about 5 in the afternoon.

So get set to play hooky from work and join me in the Limo to "Shop Local in Style."

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