The headlines are all over: 'Johnson Wins, But Danica Finishes 8th'.'Danica Makes More History at Daytona''Johnson Gets the Checkered Flag, But Danica's the Real Winner'. Now, women everywhere, you tell you find these stories congratulatory, or insultingly patronizing?

Nothing against Danica Patrick, who's an intense competitor and a world class driver. But does it seem to you that the sports media is going out of it's way to present everything she does as 'history making' and 'ground breaking'?  I mean, those are some pretty highfalutin headlines for a someone who started in first and ended up eighth. Right now, wherever she is, do you think Danica Patrick is reveling in her eighth place finish, telling anyone who'll listen, 'No woman's done that before!'? Or do you think she's rerunning the race in her head, lap by lap, saying to herself, 'There's where I should have made my move', or 'That's when I let my chance get away'?

As a woman friend - and race fan - said sarcastically, 'Maybe NASCAR should do like the Boston Marathon and have a women's division. Then Danica could win every year!'

Don't tempt them. The ratings just might be incredible.