Halloween is right around the corner. What better way to compliment the tricks and treats than by scaring up some fun inside a haunted corn maze? There are a couple great attractions for brave souls in Shreveport-Bossier willing to stumble through the darkness and endure nonstop jump scares.

DixieMaze Farms' Field of Screams is a haunted corn maze with some Louisiana flavor. According to the farm, scary Cajuns and escaped prisoners lurk within the cramped confines of the towering corn stalks. "They'll stalk you and play mind games," claims a DixieMaze employee.

Another Halloween attraction, the Trail of Terror, is full of things that go bump in the night -- both natural and supernatural. Gators are one thing, but zombie gators? Maybe not, but the very real fear of wandering around the woods in the pitch darkness and falling into the bayou is enough to keep us on edge.

Both attractions run 7:30 p.m-midnight every Friday and Saturday up until October 27, plus the requisite -- and hopefully extra spooky -- Halloween night showing. A special package that includes the above two activities is available to buy online. Otherwise, victims interested folks can purchase tickets in person up until 11 p.m.