Winter is making up for it's late start (remember those 70 degree days in November) with a vengeance with numerous cloudy, cold days and quite a few dips below the freezing mark. In fact, frigid temps are with us now - and the next few days - and we're looking at a chance of freezing rain, sleet and snow flurries.


But as chilly as we've been of late, it's practically spring time compared to previous years. The coldest reading on record is -5  degrees F on February 12, 1899. And according to meteorological records, it was sunny that day.

Shreveport's heaviest snowfall was 11 inches in December of 1929. The storm began on the morning of the 21st and lasted til late in the day of the 22nd. One-half inch remained on the ground December 25th, making it the only Christmas Day of record with snow on the ground.

Most folks over the age of 30 remember the "Deep Freeze of '83" when the temp fell below the freezing mark and stayed there for 138 consecutive hours from December 21-27. During that extreme coldsnap, the Red River froze from bank to bank.

So though there's frost on your windshield in the morning and your heating bills are getting a little high, just remember that these last few weeks aren't even making a dent in the record books