Have you seen the 'Go Pump' TVs at some of the gas stations in town? I was filling up the other day and a commerical for a show on Shreveport's KMSS Fox 33 caught my eye! You've seen Judge Judy, right? Well, Shreveport has their own version with Cajun Court with Justice Jacque!

The show airs at 7am on Fridays on Fox 33 and features local lawyer and mediator Jacqueline Scott. Justice Jacque embraces as a non traditional approach to dispute resolution and with 25 years in the legal system, she definitely has the experience! While Ms. Scott isn't a Louisiana State Court Judge, she is available to help settle disputes.

Check out more about the show at CajunCourtTV.com and make sure to set your DVR to record tomorrow morning. (I know I won't be up at 7am on a holiday!) I can't wait to see if I see someone I know!