Shreveport's Tankhead Fight Club will be at Sportsman's Expo this weekend (July 19, 20 & 21). We spoke to Megan from the gym about what they'll be bringing to the hunting, fishing and outdoorsman's expo. But honestly, she had us at 'fight club.'

"We're not the typical type of gym, it's about fitness and health and self-defense," she said.

Megan, who is originally from Shreveport, said she had moved to China to learn Chinese and teach English. Somehow, she started training in Muay Thai boxing and it just stuck.

"I was able to take a bunch of trips over to [Thailand] and do Thai boxing in Thailand," she said.

Megan said Tankhead Fight Club is bringing a small boxing ring with them to the Sportsman's Expo to do Muay Thai demonstrations and sparring. She also revealed there will be a kicking competition with prizes, but promised it wouldn't be too rough.

Watch a Tankhead sparring video