It hit me this evening, how does Enrique Iglesias get a pass to get up graded to just a first name. Better yet, how can this happen for people, period? I doubt they are so nerdy that they would just give themselves a nickname (as opposed to someone like Vanilla Ice). Regardless, it struck me how many women singers get to use just their first name vs. the number of men who do. Could this have something to do with women have, in many cases, a more powerful voice, or that it can be so unique? I am not sure. But I think I may need help on this to see if I missing some men on the list.

So far, the only men I can come up with so far are:


2.) Prince

And that pretty much wraps up the men. Granted, Chris Daughtry is using his last name as his band's name, but that is how he is known now.

Now the list of women is pretty long:

1.) Cher

2.) Madonna










3.) P!nk











4.) Fergie










5.) Adele





















7.) Dido











8.) Rihanna











So, that pretty much sums up my limited knowledge of singers who only use a single name.  If I am missing someone, please, add to the list.