As we roll into Mardi Gras Ball season, we have a caution for women: Spanx are squeezing your internal organs.

They might look good under your clothes, but they can cause pain and even cut off circulation. The Huffington Post did a little research and talked with several doctors to get the skinny!

"It's like when people eat a huge meal and then unbuckle their jeans," said Gastroenterologist Dr. John Kuemmerle. Chiropractor Dr. Karen Erickson added that your digestive tract is also affected. She said the intestines are supposed to contract and move food along, but when they're compressed over a long period of time, the flow of digestion is stifled.

Dr. Erickson also noted that there can be a tendency for those wearing shapewear to not want to go to the bathroom.

"You've got all of this pressure on your bladder from the shapewear pressing down," she said. "If you postpone urinating, it can cause stress incontinence, where you leak, or it can exaggerate stress incontinence with people who already have it."

Ladies, have you ever worn Spanx and felt any of these symptoms? Let us know in the comment section.