I decided to do something special with my grandson today. School has started already and he and I didn't get a chance to do anything he considered special this summer. So here I am at Splash Kingdom, sitting under a shade pavilion with sweat dripping off the end of my nose.

Those dirty lying weather men are saying it's only 85 degrees, but I put my money on 100! Splash Kingdom is starting to show it's age, and I know how that feels. It needs major renovations to the structures, but the pools are pristine and inviting. Especially in this weather.

Splash Kingdom isn't the newest or flashiest of water parks but they have a team of life guards that impressed me. I saw them jump in and pull at least four kids out, sputtering and kicking. They had them out before I noticed that the were in trouble. I asked a woman sitting near me to watch my stuff while I went to the restroom. A conversation ensued.

Come to find out she was an undercover investigator for an aquatic safety & risk management company. She was watching the lifeguards for a report. I saw her take video and write notes. She'd act like she was reading a book, but she was really watching video of the lifeguards.

She was the 007 of the water park world. Well, maybe not -- but it was really interesting to me. Agent Woo Out!

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