Stuart Wilson/Getty Images

Starbucks is my second home. My parents know it, my friends know it, my wife, especially, knows it.  I ride motorcycles and take long trips to Starbucks anywhere I can. I plan trips around Starbucks. (I know, Nerd Alert.)

Well, I love coffee, but my wife doesn't. She can't stand coffee, but she LOVES tea.  So I have just learned that the King of Coffee Shops will begin to expand its empire to include tea.

The Seattle-based corporation will launch its first tea bar this year near its headquarters, where customers will be able to choose from more than 80 different types of tea that they can blend together as desired. Supposedly, this will not be called Starbucks, but rather, another brand name.

So far, Starbucks has not announced any plans to expand the business beyond a single outlet, but they will be teaming up with Tazo, a billion-dollar brand, so chances are there are bigger wheels in motion behind the scenes.

P.S. My wife recommends the Black Tea. She says it tastes like Fruit Loops and Tea.