A New Hampshire state trooper was so incensed when he realized a 'distraught' woman had lied about speeding to reach her dying father that he made a point of going to her house and arresting her.

Carley Williams was pulled over by Trooper Christopher Cummings after she was caught speeding, going 82 mph in a 65 mph zone, earlier this month.

But Cummings let the 28 year old off when she told him that her father was down to his dying breaths. Cummings was stunned when he later discovered that not only had she had not only lied to him, but that her father had died five years ago.

Williams told Cummings that her father was hospitalized just miles away and she wanted to see him before he passed away. 'She seemed pretty emotional. It made me believe that this person was legitimately telling me the truth,' said Cummings, 'She was very emotional and I believed she was telling the truth.'

But before letting her go, the trooper did ask the young woman her father's name. It was when he called the hospital later he found out that William's pop wasn't a patient and a records check revealed he'd passed five years previous.

A few days Trooper Cummings traveled to Williams home - with a copy of her father's obituary - and confronted her. It was then the young woman confessed everything. Her court date, now for multiple charges, is scheduled for September 5th.