We'll be honest: the first time we heard the phrase "Bayou Reggae," we were a little confused.

Thankfully, Stiff Necked Fools, the Shreveport-based band who's made a name playing the unique offshoot of reggae music, were kind enough to explain.

Addressing the musical genre of the band on the official Stiff Necked Fools Facebook page, trumpet player Ryan Viser pointed out the differences between regular Reggae and Bayou Reggae.

"Our genre of music has been dubbed Bayou Reggae," said Viser. "We definitely have that sound that Reggae is known for, but we've put a unique Louisiana-style twist on it that makes it really different."

What exactly does that Louisiana twist entail? Well, for one thing it's common for the horn players themselves to grab a microphone and start rapping or singing.

"You just never know what we’re gonna do," said Stiff Necked Fools drummer John Hoffman.

Stiff Necked Fools will bring their wild musical stylings to the Redd's Apple Ale Sun of a Beach Festival presented by MetroPCS Saturday, June 14 at Cash Point: The Party Place in Bossier City, Louisiana.