Lori Evans believes there's something strange going on inside Stocky's Pizza. Something paranormal.

(UPDATE: Erin McCarty had the opportunity to conduct a nighttime paranormal investigation inside Stocky's Pizza. Check out the surprising footage here.)

Last week, Evans told KVKI's sister station My Kiss Country 93.7 that the Haughton eatery was haunted and provided some compelling footage to support the claim: two ice scoops inexplicably falling off an ice machine hours before the parlor opened for the day.

Evans spoke with Robert and Erin this morning about the ordeal:

We opened late January, early February, and I was there when we opened. The first thing that happened to me was, I was rolling dough at the dough machine, which is approximately 6 to 8 feet from where everything sits on a shelf, and something hits me in the back. I turn around, and on the floor is a bottle of Tobasco sauce.

There was not a solid being there, and there is no way it could have just fell off, and gone 6 to 8 feet across the room to hit me in the back.

Many dismissed the footage, claiming it was too grainy or that a rodent knocked the scoops onto the floor. However, Evans stands by her story. She's furnished new footage of a bottle falling off a shelf that might convince even the most die-hard skeptics.

Check out the videos for yourself and let us know what you think.

Listen to Robert and Erin's full interview with Lori Evans: