A 48 year old man in Naperville, Illinois has a little egg on his face today.  He met a woman online and fell in love.  He's been chatting with her for several months, but then she sent him a message that she had been kidnapped and needed $200,000 to be released.  He wired the money to her bank account in Nigeria.  He then got police in London involved to win her freedom, but the police broke the news to him:  he'd been scammed.  Lesson from this:  don't ever send money to Nigeria.  Check out story number 2:

Our next story is a legal fight.  A guy is suing Walgreens in New York for a million dollars.  The guy had eye surgery and went to the drug store to get his prescription for eyedrops filled.  He was supposed to get Durezol, but instead was given Durasal.  It's a big problem, because the drug he was given is a wart remover.  He put the drops in his eye and suffered severe pain.  The box for Durasal says "Not for use in eyes."