Every now and then you hear stories about somebody in the drive-through lane at Starbuck's (or elsewhere) paying the tab for the car behind them. But one man in Canada really 'paid it forward' earlier this week when he told the cashier at a diner he wanted to buy coffee for the next 300 customers.

"He quietly explained what he wanted to do," said the waitress at the cash register. 'It took a few moments to total up his bill."

During the wait, 'Mr. Nice Guy' ironically got plenty of nasty stares from the customers behind them, who were more than a bit impatient. However, they weren’t so salty when they realized that he had paid for their coffee. And for the coffee for the next 295 or so people behind them.

Pay-it-forward coffees have become something of a trend in Canada of late. Various news reports claim that customers at Tim Horton's restaurants across the country have paid for 500 or more coffees on six separate occasions last week alone.