Who would have thought, success comes from your feet...actually, your toes, to be more specific.

Charisma is defined as "personal charm or maganism", by the American Heritage Dictionary.  But did you know that you can conjure up charisma by merely thinking about your toes?

According to Olivia Fox Cabane's blog, Barking Up The Wrong Tree, she suggests  that you can focus on the physical sensation you're feeling in your toes, it makes your brain "sweep" your body from head to toe. In the process, it makes your whole body alert, which makes you more physically present, and that translates into more powerful, authentic, and confident body language.

So for that one I turn to presence; because there's no such thing as too much presence, and presence is always going to improve your charisma immediately. And one of my favorite tools for that is to tell people to focus on the physical sensations in their toes. Like right now, focus on the physical sensation in your toes. And though it may seem slightly quirky it actually is very effective because it forces your brain to sweep your body from head to toe and get you very physically present in the moment