Kelly Slater is probably not someone you've heard about, but you will want to know this hottie. He is our 'Hump Day Hunk' for this week.

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He's a world class surfer and is considered one of the hottest male athletes in the world. If you are a fan of a bald head, he is the guy for you. At age 41, he's still a icon in the surfing world and continues to turn heads wherever he goes.


Kelly Slater's impact on surfing is hard to describe. He changed the sport in almost every conceivable way -- from performance to money to records to design to longevity. One of his surf boards is in the Smithsonian Institute right next to Hank Aaron's bat! Since Kelly Slater came along, surfers are now paid big money to take part in the sport they love.

Slater started his surfing career in Florida at Cocoa Beach. He says that's a great beach for new surfers because the waves "break farther out," he says, "so it's easier to learn. If I had the choice of learning in Florida or Hawaii, I'd choose Florida. You don't try to run before you can walk."

He's earned just about every trophy you can in his sport and he's not done yet.  As an amateur, he won six Eastern Surfing Association and four national titles. He turned pro in 1990 and quickly became a household name.

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When he was just 21, Kelly Slater claimed the world title -- the youngest ever to do so.  You would find the best surfers in the world watching Kelly's every move as he invented new ways to ride the waves.


Kelly Slater landed a role as Jimmy Slade on "Baywatch", which was the biggest show in the world at the time.  He also tried his hand at music forming a group called "The Surfers."  The group even went on a U.S. tour. He even drew lots of attention from the paparazzi with an on and off relationship with Pamela Anderson.

People Magazine named him one of their " 50 Most Beautiful People." He's also been linked to super models Gisel Buchen and Bar Refaeli. He also spent a little time snuggling with Cameron Diaz.