A survey recently of over 350 women published in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior says that a man's attractiveness to women and his facial hair go hand in hand. But the study also says that how much facial hair a man has can determine how good looking he is considered to be.

Researchers showed women photographs of 10 men at four different stages of beard growth: clean shaven, a 5-day “light” stubble, a 10-day “heavy” stubble, and a full beard. The women viewed the photos and rated each photograph on four different factors: attractiveness, masculinity, health, and possible parenting ability. Women found the best looking men were in the “heavy stubble” phase of the beard cycle.

Participants rated the clean-shaven men and full-bearded men about the same for attractiveness, while "light stubble" got the worst ratings. Interestingly, women showed no interest in men with moustaches and, in fact, a number of them referred to those men as "creepy".

So, what do you think? The categories again: clean shaven, light stubble, heavy stubble and full beard.