Phobias such as coulrophobia are often categorized as irrational fears. But that fear became rational when accused pedophile Thomas Harold Morgan a.k.a. Sondance the Clown was arrested on child pornography charges.

Morgan was arrested in Fort Smith, Arkansas after police caught the 47-year-old downloading child pornography from a site known for carrying illegal images of underage persons.

Police obtained a warrant after tracing the download to Morgan to search his computer, where they found enough images that it would take two to three weeks to go through according to Police spokesman Cpl. Steven Dooly.

Cases of child pornography such as this are bad enough, but when the individual in possession of these disturbing images is one who makes their living by entertaining children it is much more disturbing.

According to Morgan's website he has an educational background in childhood development. He states that he "knows how to interact with kids." This statement now carries an ominous undertone.

No victims have been come forward with allegations about him, but police say more charges could be filed against Morgan. As of now he is being held without bond in the Sebastian County Adult Detention Center.

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