It's the bad movie that won't die! Syfy network's 'Sharknado', which premiered a month ago to surprisingly large audiences - and universally terrible reviews - is now headed to movie theaters. The made-for-TV movie about a tornado of sharks will make its big screen debut August 2nd  at 200 Regal movie theaters across the nation, including New York City and Los Angeles.

America's new cult classic?

When originally shown, 'Sharknado' was a ratings dud. But thanks to an incredible buzz on social media, specifically Twitter, its viewership has grown as it's been rerun. One critic says that producers are hoping that it will become a cult hit, much like 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show.'

'Sharknado', the sequel

In addition to its upcoming theatrical release, filming will begin soon on a sequel, 'Sharknado II', to be set in New York City.