Fixin’ To Tell You Where “Fixin’ To” Comes From
In my nomadic radio career, my family and I have had the pleasure of living in such disparate states as Louisiana, Kansas, Alabama, Minnesota, and our native Texas. (Though, having lived in East, West, North, and South Texas, I can tell you that's like four states in one...
Alabama Misspells ‘Mississippi’ on Football Tickets
There's certainly no love lost between LSU Tigers and Alabama football fans -- or between fans of the Crimson Tide and any other SEC school, for that matter. But the Alabama athletic department certainly didn't make any friends at Mississippi State when they came up a letter short in spell…
AP Preseason College Football Poll – Bama #1, LSU #12
No college football team has claimed three straight national championships in almost 70 years,  but if the AP preseason college football rankings are any indication, the Alabama Crimson Tide could very well be celebrating a three-peat of their own at the end of the upcoming season.

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