angry cats

Here Kitty Kitty, Time For Cat Jury Duty [VIDEO]
Oh, good 'ol government bureaucracy. I can always count on you to make me smile!
This video has been making its way around the interwebs, and it was posted by a friend of mine earlier today.
Basically, someone thought the family cat was a person and sent a notice of jury duty!
I Guess Cats Do Hate Diapers!
Last week, I posted an update on my oldest cat, Da'an.
Quick recap... He's almost 15 years old. His tummy isn't feeling good. After like 20 tests, we're still not sure what's wrong.
So, I had bought some special diapers for cats. They have a little hole for the tail. And …
How To Make Your Cat Unhappy; Or My Kitty Update!
On the air a couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that my oldest cat, Da'an, had been having some... Uh, health issues.
Quick recap: He's started having some "tummy issues." But his accidents only happened at night so he had started sleeping in the guest bathroom. Hey, ti…
Cute Kitten Gets Stuck In A Hamster Ball [VIDEO]
Chasing a dangling string is so last year. This adorable kitten opts for pink plastic hamster ball over the usual cat toy fare and somehow manages to submerge his entire body in the thing. Good thing the hamster wasn’t in there before he got in — that would have been one w…
When Cats And Bears Collide [VIDEO]
I love animals. After all, with three cats and a Pug, I sometimes feel like I have a zoo in my house! 
For the most part, they all get along quite well. Notice I said for the most part!!!