Will SXSW Leave Texas?
It should come as no surprise that the week long dip into the deep end of the hip pool is coveted across the land. Other cities would like to have the precious, and are using the controversial new "Anti-sanctuary city" law, also known as SB4 to further their means.
Should Lindsay Lohan Move to Montana?
We realize, it's a bit of stretch from the original trending story we are about to share but it does bring up a valid question. Should Lindsey Lohan, or any highly criticized celebrity for that matter, move to Montana to avoid the limelight...
Tom Cruise Will Come To Your House — For a Price
I told the story on the radio about playing golf with comic Ron White. In the middle of the round, he got a call from his agent who told him about a rich guy in Pittsburgh who'd seen his act and wanted to to pay him $15,000 (air and hotel included) to come to his birthday party.
Well, it turns o…

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