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And The Most Hated Person In America Is…
I heard Robert and Erin talking this morning about the most hated people in the US... And I was intrigued!
So, I did some research and found the story that the Today Show did.
The E-Poll Market Research Company questioned 1,100 people about different celebrities. They claim that they got responses on …
Is It Really Sinead O’Connor?
It was the late 80's/early 90's when most of us got our first glimpse of Sinead O'Connor.
She had strong beliefs, strong vocals... And no hair!
In fact, it was almost like her trademark look... She was always bald.
Oh No! Emily And The Bachelor Brad Split
Are you surprised? Another "Made For TV" relationship that didn't last.
Who called it first?
Rumors had been flying around for weeks that Brad Womack and Emily Maynard were having trouble with their relationship.