christmas tree

Christmas Tree Time – Artificial Versus Real
It's time to make the choice on the great ceremonial bush known as the Christmas Tree. Will you go live or will you go artificial. If you're on the fence about which one to choose here are some pros and cons about both choices.
What Christmas Tree Do You Have In Your Home? [POLL]
The Christmas tree, they come in all kinds of shapes, sizes and varieties and adorn millions of homes this time of the year. We personalize them to fit our tastes by decorating them with tinsel, ornaments, lights, popcorn and the like. It's a symbol of the season and for many, Christmas wouldn&…
The Cat Who Destroyed My Christmas Tree
I should have known when my friend Kim told me that the cute little kitten I was nestled with was dangerous. She was so tiny and the moment I walked in the room, she crawled up to me with her 5 week old claws and fell asleep right in my arms...