The Best Craigslist Ad EVER!
When I saw this Craigslist ad on Facebook this morning, I nearly lost it I was laughing so hard! And you guessed it, it comes from the great state of Louisiana!
Wife Attempts To Sell Husband On Craigslist
We've all been there. When you're significant other is just determined to push you to the breaking point. Maybe they won't stop just flipping channels and settle on one thing to watch or in the case of Alyse Bradley of Logan, Utah it was her husbands inability to pull himself away from his video gam…
How NOT To Have A Garage Sale!
When you're getting ready to move, a yard sale is a great way to get rid of the clutter, right?
And the newest way to get the word out is by using Craigslist. But, let this be a warning... You've got to be very careful with how the ad is worded.