10 Patriotic Pictures of Dogs for the 4th of July
Even red-blooded, all-American dogs love the 4th of July. These precious pups are proud to wear red, white and blue to celebrate Independence Day here in the good ol' U.S.A. They love the American way so much they'll be wearing stars and stripes forever.
10 Adorable Animals Trying to Play Soccer
The world's most popular sport isn't just for humans. In addition to robots, animals are also quite smitten with the sport, perhaps because it doesn't require opposable thumbs. Whatever the reason, one thing's certain -- when animals get their paws on a soccer ball, d'awwwws…
Watch a Cute Beagle Dog Push Another Dog Around in a Shopping Cart
In honor of KVKI's Man's Best Friend photo contest, we thought you might enjoy this video of a cute beagle dog pushing another adorable dog in a shopping cart, or as we call them here in Louisiana, a buggy.
Maymo, the driver of the shopping cart, pushes his sister, Penny, on a fun adventure down stre…
11 Surf Dogs Ready to Catch Some Waves
We already know pups are super talented, especially when it comes to things like getting all "derpy" in photos or wearing pantyhose. You know-- the usual. But, like us, you might've been totally oblivious to the fact that dogs are also really into the surfing scene.
Boston Terriers Older than Robert J. Wright
We are having so much fun looking at your doggie photos for our "Man's Best Friend" contest that I started looking at some of old family photos and found this gem! As a hobby, my grandfather was a Boston Terrier dog breeder. He raised some of the finest pooches on the Mississi…

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