Boston Terriers Older than Robert J. Wright
We are having so much fun looking at your doggie photos for our "Man's Best Friend" contest that I started looking at some of old family photos and found this gem! As a hobby, my grandfather was a Boston Terrier dog breeder. He raised some of the finest pooches on the Mississi…
Pitbull Tries to Retrieve Stick From Tree [VIDEO]
We've played toss the stick with our dogs, we toss the stick and our dog brings it back. Our dog believes that he owns the stick, he just shares it with us to keep the game going. But what happens if the stick accidentally ends up in a tree? Watch this pitbull go to any measures to get this big…
Meet an Extreme Dog Who’s Cooler Than You
Welp, it's official. This dog's life is more exciting than ours. He's wakeboarding. He can do back flips. He got on a skateboard and didn't break his collarbone. He is officially the coolest dog ever. But that's not the best part.
Watch a Baby and a Dog Sing the Blues Together [VIDEO]
To sing the blues, you must feel it in your heart and soul. From the first note the baby sings in this video, you can hear the sadness deep in his heart.
Then when the dog joins in singing his part, you will hear the same sadness and lonliness from down deep in his soul.

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