Is Facebook Ruining Relationships?
Social networking has become completely integrated into our modern life.

Now, because Facebook has become so ingrained in our everyday life, it is being blamed for the breakdown of relationships.
Facebook Adds The ‘Dislike’ Button! Kind Of. [VIDEO]
As everyone is logging into Facebook this week, they're going to start to notice a NEW 'like' button. Which is now MORE than a 'like' button.
Facebook is rolling out emoticon reactions to their 'like' function...and along with them comes the 'angry' button…
Depressed? 5 Reasons To Stay Away From Facebook [Opinion]
Is the social media phenomenon becoming our latest social disease? Is time on Facebook sending more and more people into the depths of depression and despair? See if you don't agree with some of the observations that we have made about the very antisocial consequences of social media.

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