Want to Fish For Free?
Here are the dates that some of our nearby states have available to go fishing for free, so you don't have to spend $80 and wait 45 minutes to get a fishing license for a day!
Caddo Animal Shelter To Provide FREE Rabies Shots
In the interest of keeping your pets and the pets of those around you healthy, it is very important that your fur babies receive their vaccinations. One of the most important of those is a rabies shot, especially if you claim outside animals as yours
FREE Flu Shots For Veterans
Overton Brooks VA Medical Center, including the VA Outpatient Clinics in Monroe, Texarkana and Longview, will again be offering flu shots to enrolled Veterans during scheduled Primary Care or Specialty Clinic Appointment.
Free Car Wash This Weekend!
You can't afford NOT to get your car washed this weekend.. It's free!
Coming up Saturday, the KAPPA SIGMA AND PHI MU FRATERNITIES want to wash your car!
A Walk in the Garden
If you were listening to Robert and Erin , or myself during the work day, you probably heard us mention the azaleas at Norton Art Gallery.