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Can You Convert a Cat Hater? (Video)
Speaking as a kitty-convert myself, cats take some getting use to. BUT now I wouldn't trade my cats for any dog in the world!
Some people will never see things my way, and thats ok. There are folks are definately "dogs only" people. I really love dogs too, but I married in to s…
Meet Disco the Parakeet [VIDEO]
Back when I was a kid we had a parakeet. His name was Snapper. Can you guess why we named him that? Well, here's a bird named Disco and his name fits since he is fun brightly colored, and brimming with funny lines.
Meet the World’s Angriest Cat: Sashimi [VIDEO]
The internet is full of cute kittens. This video from Youtuber soezimax shows the dark side of one cat in particular.
There are cat people and there are dog people. This cat is definitely not a person cat. Or at least as far as its owners brother is concerned.
Gift Wrapping A Cat [VIDEO]
Somebody (I'm not mentioning any names, Jason) sent this video to me.
In it, someone seems to amuse themselves by wrapping their cat in Christmas paper.
However, being an owner of two cats, I can assure you, this is not a cat! Or at least not one of mine!
Blind Kitten Plays With Toys For The First Time [VIDEO]
All my friends know that I am a cat lover. Because of that, they are always posting cat videos and pictures to my Facebook page.
My friend Jason passed this video along to me last night.
According to the description, Oskar the cat was born without formed eyeballs...
Adorable Puppies Swarm Helpless Kitty Like Zombies [VIDEO]
These days, horror movies come with a lot of hype and rarely deliver the bone-chilling, spine-tingling goods.  Horror writers just can’t seem to come up with an original idea.
Maybe they need to watch this video of adorable puppies descending playfully on a cat like hungry zombie…

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