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Dog Goes Crazy Over Hedgehog [VIDEO]
Is that a hedgehog on the floor or are you just happy to see us? This dog is so excited and/or anxious about the prickly brown pile on the floor that he’s decided to skip today’s walk and just run in place.
In reality, we think he’s probably trying to dig a hole so he can expose the hedgehog’s soft, …
Worst National Anthem You’ve Heard? [VIDEO]
Since it's the 4th Of July, we're doing "All American Music" on the radio.
Plus, a lot of us are on the go... Headed to festivals, events, and fireworks (This year being done by the pros due to lack of rain!)
And at most of those events this weekend, someone will sing …
Attention Walmart Shoppers [VIDEO]
So yesterday, a couple of us are sitting here in the office talking about the newly remodeled Walmart next to the radio station; at I-20 and Pines road... And somehow that brought us to the topic of the "People of Walmart" web site.