The Orange: Mother Nature’s Juice Box
As parents we want to give our kids only the best. Sometimes though kids don't always want what's best for them. Take juice boxes for instance. All that sugar and only the smallest amount of natural juice makes them somewhat a healthy option. Takara Tomy, a Japanese company, has made …
WATCH: Make Music ANYWHERE Without a Musical Instrument
This has got to be the COOLEST "instrument" ever invented. I say instrument, but its really more than just an instrument. A Mogee will allow the user to turn any rigid surface into an instrument. Check out this incredible gadget below. I so want one of these.
‘Smart Cart’ Syncs with Phone Apps to Help You Shop
SK TelecomThere’s little more frustrating than making a trek to the grocery store, only to get home and realize you forgot something important.
Mobile service provider SK Telecom hopes to change all that with a tablet PC-equipped Smart Cart that will sync items from a grocery-list sma…