The Ten Commandments of Gumbo
Gumbo is one of the most beloved entrees here in the great state of Louisiana. But there are some hard-fast rules to follow when cooking, serving and eating this tasty delight!
Gumbo Competition Is a Big Hit on KVKI!
We tasted some great gumbo Monday and are thrilled to send the top ones on to the bigger competition. In Robert and Erin's 'Gumbo Cook-off', Tommy Meaux, a former restauranteur and specialty foods store owner from Lafayette, is the big winner
Gumbo Competition Comes to KVKI
The Gumbo Gladiators competition is about 2 weeks away and we are looking for the best tasting gumbo in Northwest Louisiana. On March 9th at Festival Plaza, gumbo chefs will be cooking up their best!  The event begins at 11 and runs until 3pm

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