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Harlem Shake Skydive Edition [VIDEO]
Have you heard? Everyone is making 'Harlem Shake' videos. Residents in Harlem, NY are saying the videos are not the real, original dance. Can they say the same about these awesome sky divers?
Harlem, NY To Internet: Please Stop Making Harlem Shake Videos
The 'Harlem Shake' is a new dance trend (everybody is doing it) that's sweeping the country, with more and more videos going viral on the internet everyday.
But residents of the Harlem community say this so-called new dance is not the real and original 'Harlem Shake'.
Harlem Shake at Sea World in San Antonio, TX
We think we have finally figured out what happens between shows at Sea World in San Antonio, TX.
There's a whole lotta shaking going on, the Harlem Shake that is. Watch as these California sea lions, a Pacific walrus, and a few trainers get on down.