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Top 5 Skills Recruiters Look For in a Candidate
If you’re looking for a job, you’ve probably got your résumé online and you may even be attending career fairs. Whether you have a little or a lot of experience in your industry, there are certain working skills that all recruiters—no matter what j…
The Dumbest Things Ever Done in Job Interviews
Your New Year Resolution is to find a new job. Thankfully, people are hiring right now, but when you don't hear from the prospective employer after the interview, you question as to why. You may want to consider that it wasn't them. Maybe it was YOU.
Blue Bell Expands Bringing Jobs To Shreveport – Bossier
If there's one person who loves ice cream more than me, it's Erin. Hard to believe, I know!  My guess is that this news will make us, and all ice cream aficionado's, very very happy.
Plus, Erin won't have to eat the Blue Bell Crayons because there will be even more delic…
Beware Of What You Post To Facebook
With so many people applying for jobs in this economy, employers are turning to new ways to screen through applicants.
For the last couple of years, doing a Google search on your name was a pretty common "background check."
But now, get ready to turn the Creepy factor up a notch! 
The Federal…