Ringing in 2012 like its 1989!
Hey it's Ally from the Saturday Night 80's Show. While you're out on the town, I am playing all our favorites from the 80's. I made my boyfriend come in with me after he worked all day long, so I could spend New Years Eve with him. haha He's so interested (in his fishing gam…
Shhh, It’s a Coca-Cola Secret and They Moved
Whatever makes Coca-Cola Coke was taken from a bank vault and moved to a museum to be put on exhibit. It's the first time since 1925, that Coca-Cola has moved its secret recipe from hiding and put it on display in the company's World of Coca-Cola museum in Atlanta.
Santa’s Elves Are At It Again
I don't know if you've heard or not, but I am pretty excited about "That's a Wrap" tomorrow. KVKI has rounded up Santa's Elves that are going to WRAP your presents. You can't beat that... seriously. Tomorrow with Robert J Wright from 11am-1pm, go to Red River Chevy 221 Texas and load up yo…
The Office Party! Did I Really Do That?
I was really behaved last night at Townsquare Media's annual Christmas party. Although, I DID have a couple of drinks, I maintained by composure and dignity while celebrating the season with co-workers, who are more like friends. BUT...

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