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New James Bond Spectre Trailer Cool Cars and Bond Girls
Daniel Craig is back as Bond, James Bond. Craig's relaunch of the Bond character has been a series I've thoroughly enjoyed. Every bond fight feels dangerous, it doesn't rely on wacky tech, just brutal persistence and skill. The new James Bond movie that's due out November 6th 201…
Suicide Squad Movie Trailer – Think the Bad Guy Avengers
Are you completely over superhero movies? Love rooting for the bad guy? This movie is for you! This movie has more villains than you can shake a stick at … including the Joker played by Bossier City’s own Jared Leto.
It’s funny, 20 Years Ago Comic book movies we…
Batman vs Superman – God Vs Man
The movie trailer of Batman vs Superman is out and reviews are scattered. I’m honestly intrigued. There is an old saying “When elephants fight, ants die” this movie deals with the fallout and destruction caused by Superman fighting General Zod...
Fantastic Four Trailer Will Leave You Feeling Green
If there is one thing I’ve learned in my life of playing video games. If fire is green it’s evil. This Fantastic Four trailer is full of green lava that turns 4 friends into super heroes, and one other guy into Doom personified.
WATCH: Great Gatsby Trailer Released
I absolutely love to read. The Great Gatsby was the first book that really awakened my passion for reading back in high school. Now, Baz Luhrmann is putting his signature style on the literary classic that depicts how far from greatness man can fall.